Foodie flare in the Coal Capital

Gillette, Wyoming, known as the Energy Capital of the Nation, produces more than 33% of America’s coal supply, and it shows. This boom-or-bust town has the landscape of an industrialized grassland, falling flat relative to some of Wyoming's breath-taking destinations like Yellowstone or Jackson. The local Convention and Visitors Bureau was looking for a way to diversify the economy without turning its back on the energy industry that built the town. Fortunately, what the small town lacks in scenery it makes up for in location, location and location. It’s along I-90, between Yellowstone, Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota - a stretch we named the Monumental Route. Gillette also has a handful of killer local restaurants, owned and operated by friendly residents who love having visitors. A new website with sassy copy, fresh design and compelling videos gave the town a facelift as a modern, up-and-coming foodie destination. It’s the perfect pit stop along your dream Western vacation, all while touting the area’s low sulfur coal and its commitment to reclamation. Feast on the new Gillette.

Meet Ariana, Rachel & Pizza Carrello

To make Pizza Carrello look as good as it takes, I interviewed owners Ariana, Rachel, their employees and patrons and scrubbed hours of footage into this video that showcases the love they put into every slice.

Pizza Carrello: A Love Story

There's pizza in every small stopover town, but wood-fired, handcrafted pie from Pizza Carrello is special, like the characters who live there. From the San Marzano tomato sauce to the local art hanging on the walls to the surprising folks you meet working there, this long-form article showcases colorful residents as part of the main attraction for visitors

Meet Jess, Lily & The Coop

Gillette can be spicy. I spent a day with The Coop gals to understand their Costa Rican flavor. In addition to working out with these ladies, I lead interviews and assembled the final script.

The Coop: Fueled by Girl Power

Jess and Lily are proud to be two strong women who own and run this wildly successful restaurant. Behind an all-female staff, their authentic Costa Rican dishes are hidden inside a tiny former gas station. This feature story highlights how The Coop provides stability through boom-and-bust energy industry using high-quality food to feed their families.