Pursuing the Perfect Sentence

As a reader, I understand the power of stories, so as a copywriter, every commercial, website, newsletter, post, etc. I write is with the intention of connecting audiences to a brand.

A writer by trade and a reader by choice, I consider writing the world's A reader by trade Ever since I was little, I’ve always been the storyteller of the family. Talking non-stop. Words, stories and the impact they had on people fascinated me. When I was 15, my family got tired of my constant blabbering, recounting ordinary happenings in creative ways.

They decided to buy me a journal and convince me to give it a try. Thinking maybe I’ll run out of words to say if I wrote them all down. Well, that didn’t work out, I still kept on talking. But fell in love with writing along the way.

Rachel's Written Guidelines (since no one likes rules)

2. Be honest — in advertising, on Tinder, to your grammy. Always.

3. Effortless reading is the product of painstakingly thoughtful writing.

4. Effortless reading is worth every painstaking revision.

5. If the shoe fits, buy it.

5. Adjectives and adverbs are often unnecessary; pick the right nouns and verbs.

6. If you don’t have something nice to say, it had better be funny.

7. Exclamation points are like laughing at your own joke but much, much worse.

8. Definitive explanation of lay/lie/laid - use a different word.

9. In writing, less is more. This is not true for food at parties or in bank accounts.

10. Fiction makes us more human.