BURQA lingerie

made-to-measure lingerie focused on women's self-love and body plurality.

01 — Getting to know the audience pain

The brand's values were always more vital than the products themselves. With that, I implemented a series of posts with quotes that the audience would share with us to strengthen and grow the community.

Quotes Campaign focused on strengthening the community and expanding the reach through shares
The post says "Adult women have body hair, celulites, strech marks, if you don't like women"
A follower shared something she heard from a date "You have such small breasts I thought you were a little boy"
Quote from Lady Gaga "I dont have the patiece to deal with men's bulshit anymore"

02 — Social proof through UGC (made by the community of customers)

The first strategy ever implemented on social media was to give the customers 20%off on their next purchase if they sent pictures wearing the product to be showcased on our profile. That way it was possible to have UGC at a low cost but most important, showcase the products in a wide variety of bodies, strengthening the brand value of body plurality.

50% of the feed is made by customers, highly engaged by other customers who feel identified. Infinite content.

Some of these posts went viral to the point that they more than doubled the number of followers in a short period of a week. Over 15k followers through a single post.

Just sharing the pain of the audience and making them feel heard. One picture, 10-line caption.

It was never only about the lingerie. If it wasn't for the purpose and the values, we weren't gonna be here. That's what I call strong branding.

— Adriely Costa, Founder

— Veronica Levinsky, Head of Marketing at Copyfolio

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