Rebecca Sleek

Organic and human hair weaves and wigs.

01 — Putting the brand on the digital market

The company's products were already established on the wholesale market, and known for its quality. I was hired to raise sales and develop the retail market.

We needed everything. Branding, Influencer marketing, Content Strategy, E-commerce.

02 — Content Strategy

First thing: creating content not only to showcase the products but to actually speak directly with the customers. We used Influencer marketing to create engaging and educational content: how to use the hair pieces, hairstyles, care routine, and beauty in general.

One of our first Influencers/Content Creator teaching how to have the perfect finish when applying weaves.

Educational content: clearing out questions, myths, and wonders that the audience already had but couldn't actually clear up before because they couldn't reach the actual brand online.

Carrousel's post explaining the difference between weaves and wigs
Influencer showing how to properly apply the wig
Carrousel's post explaining about a weave made of protein fiber
Brand ambassador teaching a hairstyle

Applying branding visual identity



With the creation of our own E-commerce, and the development of our Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube) in a short period of 3-4 months the increase in sales was at a rocket level.


increase in online sales


increase in Instagram followers


views on videos

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