AMBER Salon Sustainability

About the Client

A company dedicated to working with sustainable salon brands that care about our environment.

Brand colors included yellow, brown, and green.


Product Highlight: NATULIQUE's Protective Rejuvenating Hand Wash! ✨

NATULIQUE's Protective Handwash is a new deeply nourishing and moisturizing hand soap specifically developed to thoroughly cleanse, rejuvenate and protect sensitive hands.

Product Highlights Include:

♡ No Artificial Colors

♡ Essential Natural Oils

♡ 100% GMO Free

♡ Animal Cruelty Free

♡ Certified Vegan

♡ Professional Quality

♡ Sustainable Packaging

♡ Naturally Scented

— thinking about NATULIQUE in Largo, Florida.

Amber, our Founder, was raised by parents who cherished the Earth (in Amber's words, her parents are both "beach hippies" 😉).

Amber's father is a Native Plant Society member and beekeeper to date. Amber says that her dad also owns a landscaping business, and that landscaping ultimately "led to his passion about bees" because "he loves how hard they work," and what they are capable of.

How neat is that?! 😄🌳🌊🐝

Product Highlight: NATULIQUE's Intensive Deep Penetrating Hair Mask ✨

The Intensive Hair Mask is an intensive treatment with highly beneficial active ingredients. Fatty acids and lipids in the formulation strengthen the hair and help to seal and close the hair cuticles. Closed hair cuticles ensures healthy, natural looking hair with less frizz and more natural shine, as light reflects beautifully off the well-protected hair.

The Advanced Repairing Formula contains:

🌿 Pro-Vitamin B5

🌿 Avocado Oil

🌿 Shea Butter

🌿 Argan Oil

🌿 Almond Oil

🌿 Acai Fruit Extract

🌿 Aloe Vera

🌿 Pomegranate Fruit Extract

🌿 Sunflower Oil

We love the message behind Dr. Seuss' The Lorax so much!💛🌳💚 #ISpeakForTheTrees

#DrSeuss #TheLorax #Environment #EcoFriendly #SavethePlanet

In honor of #HairLossAwareness Month, we want to highlight the entire ANTI-HAIR LOSS FAMILY by NATULIQUE! 💚💛

This is a clinically proven anti-hair loss system made with:

🌱 Certified organic Aloe Vera

🌱 Olive Fruit Extract

🌱 Almond Oil

🌱 Ginger Root

🌱 Rose Flower Water

🌱 Pure… See More

— thinking about Hair Loss Awareness at AMBER Salon Sustainability.

NATULIQUE's Volume Hairwash 🥊 vs. NATULIQUE's Everyday Hairwash 🥊


Volumizing shampoo that gives ultimate health and nourishment to the hair.

Extremely restorative qualities vitalize and balance the scalp after an intense detoxing program to bring the scalp and hair back to normal.


A mild and balanced shampoo that restores moisture to the hair and scalp. Contains mild organic extracts and natural oils, that are specially suitable for colored hair.

The new ultra delicate hair and scalp cleansing formula is the perfect everyday solution for oily hair strands, itchy dandruff and/or overall irritated scalp.

🌿 BOTH of these products are jam packed with beneficial vitamins and more than 75 different nutrients!