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About the Client

TieTechnology provides low cost, flexible internet phone service to schools, libraries, flower shops, HVAC companies, pizza shops, and more. Their company focus is on providing excellence in customer service. Additionally, the Co-Founder of the company enjoys having fun and being playful with his content, especially on #FunFridays.

Their branding colors include red, grey, white, & black.


BeHive is a connectivity tool that will allow schools to better communicate from one point.

Thanks to BeHive, school teachers and administration can communicate WITHOUT the use of a desk phone!

With BeHive, all you need is your cell phone to connect to every member of your organization! 📱💯

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It's #TestimonialTuesday time again!

We are so grateful for this kind and thoughtful review from Mike Cox, Owner of Casas Adobes Flower Shop in Tucson, Arizona!

Thank you, Mike, for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We are truly honored that you allow and trust TieTechnology to power your communications!

Started in 2002, TieTechnology was built around a common core belief that service is the missing entity to the customer experience. 💯

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Even Bernie loves the new TieTechnology swag!! 😂

(📸: Original photo credit to Brendan Smialowski / AFP News Agency via Getty Images)

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— feeling funny at TieTechnology.

We are a 100% referral-based business, built from nothing but an idea and grown entirely through word of mouth. We are so grateful that we have found a network of like-minded people to do business with. TieTechnology thanks all of our clients and vendors for spreading the word! 🙌 💯

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Need we say more?! 😜 LOL! #FunnyFriday

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Happy New Year's Eve! 🎆

With 2021 right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for your support over this past year.

Here's to 2021! 🎇

16:9 Green Screen Video

Did you know that TieTechnology offers a "White Glove" Concierge Service? It's true! ✔️ 🙌

If you dread having to calling your internet service provider, this service is for you! We'll call your service provider on your behalf so you don't have to!

Our dedicated team will call your internet provide and handle a variety of issues including:

🔸 Billing issues

🔸 Customer service-related issues

🔸 Technical issues

🔸 & MORE!

We're so proud to offer this service to our customers! For more information, check out this video!

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