Persuasive and Direct Response Copywriter in the niches of personal development, spiritual entrepreneurship, and health & wellness.

Hello, I’m Jaimie.

I want you to succeed and make all your business dreams come true.

As a marketer and copywriter familiar with your specific niche and target audience, I can make your life easier. I'll take some of the workload off your shoulders so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

With that newly found free time, you'll feel more relaxed and a lot more focused to get important things done- especially knowing you have a copywriter who "gets it". I already understand your mission and purpose. I'm ready to help.

Just say the word. I'll get busy on the strategy and messaging with words that hit the emotional sweet spot for your customers. Make them say "Yes, I want it. I need it right now". That is the power of highly effective marketing strategy and copywriting. Let's grow your business and your bottom line!

“I didn't need to explain the spiritual aspect of who I was or what I was offering, Jaimie automatically got it, and that was everything. She presented my vision with a fresh, heartfelt clarity. The new copy she offered was exactly what I needed and my business is growing because of it! One of the best investments I've made!”

― Tracey Fitzgerald, Energy Radiance Readings

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