Understanding of Music Seminar

The brief

To re-imagine the email messaging that prompts subscribers to book in for the annual Understanding Music Seminar events taking place across Australia.

Word-of-mouth and returning customers were major drivers of the three day music teaching program, but UMS's organisers wanted to refresh the content and reach out to other potential audiences.

Creative process

Anecdotal evidence indicated that a large proportion of UMS attendees were Gen X/Boomer generation, often empty nesters, with time to rediscover music purely for recreation.

Nevertheless, the reputation of the program's creator and lead instructor, Duncan Lorien, was a significant attraction for many people - including some experienced musicians who wanted to reignite their passion and understand more about their craft.

‘Learn to Play Music in Under 3 Days’ remained the most potent headline to attract top of the funnel customers, but I felt copy that was pitched more directly at an emotional level might yield better results.

I also felt that social channels like Facebook and Spotify offered a new avenue to reach out to where audience is most active.

Final results

I re-wrote copy, refocussing the message and outlining the program’s benefits with an emphasis on 'simplicity' and the money back guarantee.

Testimonials and the instructor’s qualifications (which had come to overwhelm the key message over time) were moved to a separate section, just above the Call to Action. These were also be given prominence on the landing page where they would be most effective.

I proposed voiceover ad copy for Spotify or public radio, and created a Facebook ad featuring a revolve of workshop photographs and testimonials.

Learn to Play Music in Under 3 Days

You love music.

You always wished you’d learned to play.

What if we told you there was a ground-breaking program that could unlock your creative talents and teach you to play an instrument in a matter of days, not years?

You’ve probably spent your whole life believing that learning music is a complex and difficult commitment.

Believe it or not, it’s actually not rocket science. It was never meant to be like that at all.

When you join internationally recognised recording artist, songwriter and producer, Duncan Lorien, for the Understanding Music Seminar you will learn to play and understand music in under 3 days.

The Understanding Music Seminar is a revolutionary, yet totally authentic method - presented in simple language - that'll have you playing and sharing the gift of music in no time.

Absolute beginners, experienced and professional musicians have all been amazed at what they can now achieve.

We guarantee it - or your money back.

Your Tutor:

Duncan Lorien is an accomplished, classically trained session and performing musician. He is a recording artist, songwriter and producer with BMG Publishing in the UK, Polygram, EMI Records, PRT Records, Chappell and ARC Records and has taught his revolutionary music system to over 40,000 people around the world.

All participants receive a FREE video and book of 2100 daily ten minute lessons to stay connected to what you've learned.

"Wow. Seriously up there with meeting my new-born for the first time! I loved this experience and wish for everyone I know to share this with me."

- Kate Ceberano

(Australian singer/musician)

<Book Your Tickets today>. Places Strictly Limited.

Photo by Alena Darmel

Voiceover Copy

'Live a Life of Music Today'

Understanding Music Seminar - Spotify ad

Student 1: “I just wanted to learn to play piano but I just got so bored with all the repetition and lack of progress.”

Student 2: “I always thought that music was only for specially talented people. I had no idea how easy it really was.”

VO: When you join the Understanding Music Seminar you’ll discover the revolutionary programme that has taught tens of thousands of people all around the world to play real music on any instrument.

Using simple and easy to remember rules drawn from actual practice, the Understanding Music Seminar distils years of learning into a modern, refreshingly concise programme, specifically developed for anyone who wants to learn or rediscover the joy of playing music.

Created by internationally acclaimed UK producer, musician and teacher, Duncan Lorien, we guarantee that you will learn in just three days what you would spend years acquiring by private tuition.

Learn all scales and chords for piano and guitar, improvise jazz and blues and find out the simple rules that underlie all music theory.

Absolute beginners, experienced and professional musicians have all been amazed by what they can achieve.

Book your place today and if this isn’t the most mind blowing musical training experience of your life we’ll give you your money back. We guarantee it.

Spaces are extremely limited. Visit understandingmusicseminar.com.au and learn to live a life of music today.*

(* copy to be edited as required for 30 second slots)

“(David) is a really fine writer, great strategic thinker and knows how to engage with people on a very personal level.”

― Mark Farrelly, The Understanding of Music Seminar (Australia, Asia and NZ)

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