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OTP Junior 📱

Take the next steps with OTP Junior!

OTP Junior is bank account for youngsters and its primary target is to encourage them to reach their goals and show them that the steps they are taking is full of opportunities and excitements. As this period is all about financial consciousness, OTP Junior helps them as a partner in their finances to take the next, important steps.

We set up the campaign with Barna Abosi (Barni), influencer/YouTuber digging into three important topics that affect today’s youngsters most. Based on Barni’s questions we chose real-life characters from his follower base who told us about their own goals in video messages and inspired fellow youngsters.

OTP Property Point 🏠

Manage your property affairs with ease!

Selling property is not easy. Eternal follow-ups, endless telephone calls - always when we have other things to do.

On OTP Property Point’s website every phase is trackable when it comes to selling your home, so you don’t have to take unwanted calls and reconciliations. Property Point takes the burden off your shoulder so you can enjoy the important moments in life.

OTP Property Point 🏠

Are you a hidden real-estate talent?

There are people who are experts in something but haven’t realised it yet. We show such unexpected situations where average-looking people flash their special real-estate knowledge - the type of people OTP Property Point offices are looking to hire!

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