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Deep fried banner 🍺

Soproni is a traditional beer that has been building its brand values for a long time. In Soproni’s creative platform - “What we have in common” - the idea highlights funny and sometimes strange Hungarian characteristics that everyone can relate to.

As part of the credential campaign we made fun of our eating habits: we like to deep fry almost everything. To demonstrate this we made a banner about this topic and deep fried it.

Bon appetit!

Freshly tapped beer pipeline 🦺

What would you do if you realized that beer is flowing from the water tap? What a miracle! We made a prank video with András Hajós - the well known humorist and musician in disguise - to see how the man in the street would react if we installed beer pipes directly in their kitchen. All this to introduce the new Soproni Freshly Drought: a beer that offers the experience of freshly tapped beer at home.

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