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Project background

The CEO and founder of Be Meditation needed a steady drumbeat of blog post content to raise her company's SEO and thought leadership.

Creative process

I develop two blog posts every month given a theme from the creative director.

The Importance of Self Care

Self-care. Treat yourself. Me time.These concepts have been around for a long time but have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Face masks have become mainstays at drug stores, and popular television shows have made self-care the brunt of jokes. Pop stars sing about treating themselves to expensive diamond rings and handbags. Read more.

How Managers Can Help Teams Overcome Perfectionism

Managers have a tough job. From dealing with unmotivated employees to mediating conflict, there are many things that keep leaders up at night. But what about someone who works too hard? The employee who does great work but procrastinates to make everything perfect. They never delegate which is why they work all hours, and even weekends, to complete a project. They fixate on every tiny mistake. Read more.

Meditation: A scientifically proven tool for stress relief

This year has been a doozy so far, and many people are experiencing heightened stress as they balance their personal and work lives through a pandemic and an upcoming election. Things were already incredibly stressful to begin with—in fact, a study conducted before the pandemic found 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress and U.S. businesses are losing $300 billion annually as a result. Read more.

How to identify roadblocks

Roadblocks—challenges that prevent forward progress at work or in our personal lives—can hit you like a ton of bricks. They can stop you from reaching your goals and feel like a weight pressing on your shoulders. Often, we don’t even realize we’re encountering a roadblock. We simply feel… bad. We’re tired and frustrated and irritable. We chew at a problem, ruminating over it without coming to a conclusion about how to move forward. Read more.

Mindful eating: a how-to guide

Between chores, answering emails, and taking care of our families, it’s a miracle if we have time to think about our next meal. In fact, meal-planning companies have cashed in on how many of us can’t even make it to the grocery store.Not thinking about when and what we consume can lead to overeating and feeling generally unwell. This often spirals into guilt and unhealthy habits. Read more.

Meditation 101: Just breathe

What do ancient monks, samurai warriors, tech CEOS, and pop stars all have in common?


Just stroll through your local library and you’ll find countless books on the topic. Eavesdrop in the coffee shop near your house, and you’ll undoubtedly hear someone discussing the quiet moment at the beginning of their yoga class or the latest mindfulness app. Read more.