Power Foods Company: Rebranding and Packaging

Engage our target demographic and create a brand presence. The goal: Appeal, be informative, be practical.

Rebrand objectives

Increase marketability, visibility, snack pouch practicality and answer point-of-purchase buying decisions (make customers say yes!)

Nutrition-prioritizing snack buyers crave products like ours, so how we do encourage them to purchase?

Creative process: Rebrand before packaging

Research and define our brand's associations and competition.

Select a brand style best able to acquire the demo's attention. Work with design to edit, review ideal brand style in mood, feel, response and action.

Identify primary logo scheme and horizontal and vertical submarks to fit branding and marketing goals in traditional and digital mediums. Be versatility. Be recognizable.

Final results

Our core mission was to prove PFC's snacks can make nutritious eating easy and accessible.

Color Palette

Greens: Identify and connect subtleties of nutritious eating through gluten free, all-natural ingredients. In packaging, we chose a darker green to represent the Double Chocolate Power Cookie. A lighter, less specific, more controlled green was best fit for the Chocolate Chip Power Cookie, the original Power Cookie.

The best USP (unique selling proposition) for PFC's Power Bites, a clean carbohydrate granola snack, is natural energy -- so, naturally, an energetic orange.

A corporate blue, secondary greens, an energetic warm orange-yellow and a multi-purpose neutral complete the brand's color guide.


Bebas Nue Pro Regular and Book provided a clean, assertive, comforting and easy-on-the-eye look to Power Foods. As its primary typography, Power Foods would be able to increase visibility and recognition through repetition in counter space, brick-and-mortar ad campaigns, digital marketing mediums, socials, e-commerce and more.


Educational, versatile, professional

Using brand concepts, I developed packaging to best support our products to the assumed demo. Pouch aesthetics need to be recognized by recurring customers and savvy in introductions as an unfamiliar brand to new customers. Pouches need practicalities (features, shape, material, weight, protection) to justify mid-to-high snacking price point and ensure each snack meets quality standard.

Here's some context...

To show why we made the changes we did, take a look at the old packaging. To make ourselves more recognizable and proud, we had to make changes. I'm proud of leading a team of thinkers, designers and creatives to make our new packaging possible.