Storytelling is a way of life for me. So I made it my job.

What I do for a living

I've wanted to create intriguing, enchanting and all-around imaginative ad copy since my grandad first welcomed me to the magical world of advertising as a nipper. Since then it's blossomed into a profound love for storytelling, and the increasingly inspired ways of telling a tale while changing hearts and minds.

Earning an early scholarship into the world of advertising, I've never stopped trying to expand my horizons since – tackling every aspect of the writing and marketing process and honing my skills from print to digital and everything in-between.

What I do for fun

When I'm not brainstorming, creating, checking in with the team or fielding client calls – I'm satisfying my other passion, writing! Don't worry... I haven't gone mad, I'm also an aspiring fiction writer (and amateur voiceover artist) in my spare time. They say everyone has one good book in them, after all.

Outside of creative pursuits, it's usually Netflix documentaries and dreaming of a ski slope or a beach (preferably both!) Failing all those, there's nothing better than reminiscing about old times in the pub with some friends.

If you need copy that connects, challenges and charms, you've found the perfect person.

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