BlanX – O₃X

Project background

A non-abrasive whitening toothpaste all the way from sunny Italy, BlanX has made quite the name for itself in the UK’s home dental market – flying off the shelves faster than you can say “sparkling smile!"

As Boots' second-biggest specialist teeth whitening brand, BlanX were keen to reach that top spot and increase their visibility across the high street pharmacies and supermarkets as they released their latest line of products – O₃X Oxygen Power.

Creative process

As the only teeth whitening product that doesn't use potentially harmful peroxide, harnessing the power of oxygen instead – BlanX were keen to make that talking point the cornerstone of any campaign. With lifestyle photography that focused on conveying the concept of oxygen in simple visual shortcuts (bubbles, molecules and sparkling water), it needed short, rapid-fire content that could do the same from a copy perspective too.

Final results

Designed to complement the visuals, BlanX's latest content brought clear and concise results-based copy to eye-catching concepts – which helped cement them as one of the nation's favourite teeth whitening products.

What's more, by prioritising ‘Oxygen’ as the primary theme and teeth whitening as a secondary consideration, it was possible to bring the science of the product to life without becoming over-complicated or jargon-heavy. The launch generated some serious social media buzz, attracting the attention of Instagram influencers and boosting a tidal wave of interest in stores across the country. All while keeping all scientific confusion to a minimum. Now, that’s what I call a job well done.