RM Education – KITT

Project background

In the modern era, teachers are under unprecedented pressure from the ever increasing standards of education. One of the industry's leading lights for 50 years, RM Education invested a wealth of R&D time into creating an invaluable teaching tool called KITT – a cutting-edge companion robot. But they needed a way to launch and market it quickly, simply and effectively, to get as many schools interested as possible.

Creative process

Packed with personality, KITT is designed to connect with children on a personal level, becoming a trusted companion. However, thanks to an integrated camera, microphone, speaker and screen – he's able to help make teacher's lives easier too, by preparing young minds for 21st Century learning.

This was the crucial dual benefit that we wanted to make clear in the promotion of KITT. In essence, KITT helps teachers teach and learners learn.

By starting with a teaser campaign, it gave children and teachers alike the chance to fall in love with KITT's fun design and warm, fuzzy personality. Then, once the teaser campaign was complete, in-depth promotion could begin – driving home the multitude of benefits for a product people already loved.

Final results

Diving in-depth with all of KITT's essential features, tailored content was created for schools, suppliers and even individual departments. From inclusive functionality for all levels of ability, to the groundbreaking home and school combined learning, the roll-out was swift, streamlined and effective – covering combined email, social and web promotion to cater to all aspects of RM's global audience.

The result? A new flagship product for their EdTech sector, ready to become the cornerstone of their cutting-edge developments going forward thanks to successful results and strong word of mouth.