Sanctuary Spa – Hints For You

Project background

Christmas may be a time of giving, but sometimes there's a gift you're really hoping to get too. That universal truth was the spark for one of Sanctuary Spa's most popular festive campaigns – identified with the help of a little market research and plenty of life experience. As a result, working out how to leave clues about the gift you really want (ideally from Sanctuary Spa) became Hints For You, Left By Me.

Creative process

Working with a trusted art director, it soon became clear that the best way to convey the idea of a hint visually was through Post It Notes, the classic communication method. Aesthetically minimalist, it was a simple but effective way of ensuring an ownable device without distracting from the lifestyle and brand photography it would be part of.

What's more, by creating a range of scenarios around the home where the notes could be left for loved ones – partners, siblings, children – it left a lot of room for creativity for the copy to be tongue in cheek, pairing earnest effectiveness with a sly wink at the audience. Designed as a call to arms to "Treat Yourself!", a specific Tone of Voice was created to encourage self care and gentle persuasion.

Final results

With the ability to pair the Post It Note concept alongside textured shots, room shots and even cutouts, the result was a dual versatility – both of imagery and of copy, which made it a remarkably successful execution.

What's more, the chameleonic approach of the campaign also meant it was simple enough to capture enough environments to be reused all year round. Not just Christmas, but Valentine's, Easter and other social-media friendly holidays too. Now that's a note worth taking.