Tobermory Gin – Sipping on Sunshine

Project background

The best brands always aim to tell a story – and the best stories need storytellers. So, when sitting down with Tobermory Distillery to discuss their new limited edition Hebridean Mountain Gin – that's what they needed. A tale that wove a little extra magic into their crisp, refreshing and surprisingly fruity gin – distilled into an effective communication and content plan that could attract experience seekers to try the gin for the first time.

The secret to success, as it so often is, was in the name.

Creative process

The starting point was working out exactly what made Tobermory's gin special, and it wasn't hard to find. As the gin's name suggests, it's been crafted in a tiny Hebridean distillery on the Isle of Mull, right on Tobermory Bay, for over 200 years. With the gin's botanical mixture inspired by (and often featuring) the herbs, berries and fruit that grows wild on the island – it was immediately clear that a campaign was needed that combined Tobermory's celebrated artisan history with the local flavours and atmosphere of this sleepy Scotland isle.

I named it, "Sipping on Sunshine."

Final results

With this theme in place, it allowed us to create a suite of digital assets for Tobermory, designed to tie into suitable key events and occasions throughout the year like Easter or the Summer Solstice.

Each of these occasions were tied back to Tobermory itself, conjuring up romantic visions of the Isle of Mull's scenery and atmosphere with each sip of gin. Paired with the watercolour illustrations and bottle shots, it was the perfect way to add a new flavour of copy to already existing assets – to great success both online and for their distributors.