Project background

They might be a refreshed household name now, but when the working relationship with Homebase first started back in early 2019, they had spent a few years being pulled from pillar to post through acquisitions, staff turnover and buyouts. As a result, their content was fragmented, and in dire need of a refresh across the board.

The mission – to work in tandem with their business strategists, trading team, media specialists and everyone in-between to recapture Homebase's vibrant personality and re-establish them as the nation's favourite home and garden company.

Creative process

So, where to start? Where the best creative brand endeavours always start – with the Tone of Voice. By crafting a friendly, fresh yet authoritative tone, segued into a full toolkit for the company's many internal teams, the brand could begin to unify its core message both internally and externally.

From there, I worked tirelessly in partnership with trusted designers to communicate with Homebase's most essential departments and craft everything from email, social, web, SEO-optimised guides and brochure copy to billboard ads, POS, tactical and in-store activations, all tailored to a single overarching TOV – which was ultimately distilled into a clear set of brand guidelines too.

Final results

Over the past several years, I have overseen, coordinated and produced consistent content for practically every department within the business – whether that's Christmas emails, New Store Launch leaflets or Outdoor Living brochures. All crafted to the same unifying Tone of Voice, which blends a friendly, down to earth approach with expert knowledge and a strong sense of imagination.

In terms of results since 2019, the picture is rosy. Starting with quick wins and ultimately achieving a united tonal, visual and omni-channel brand strategy through careful communication management and ensuring buy-in across the board together, Homebase are once again one of the biggest home and garden go-to's in the UK – breaking £100 million in profit, and ready to dominate the market in the years to come.