Spec Ad Campaigns

Clorox Wipes Campaign

Course: Creative Campaign Messages

Task: Create a campaign for Clorox Disinfecting Wipes​

Clorox is a household name, and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are an essential household product. Though Clorox dominates the surface cleaner industry, the company has low consumer loyalty. "Real Reviews, Real Results" highlights the emotional attachment actual customers can feel to the product, proving that Clorox Wipes make a real impact not only on germs, but also on people.

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Course: Principles and Practices of Strategic Communication

Task: Create a campaign for Purina Dog Chow

Through research and analysis, my team and I found that Purina Dog Chow was missing out on the opportunity to expand their consumer base due to their narrow advertising techniques. To synthesize Purina Dog Chow’s current branding with our goals for the brand, we developed a campaign based on a concept that people across demographics, locations and beliefs can relate to: home.

Nothing beats the feeling of arriving home after a long day and hearing your best friend's tail going to town on the other side of the door. The fuzzy feeling of home was the basis of our campaign, "It's Good to be Home."

I acted as copywriter, crafting the slogans, commercial scripts and a synopsis for an adorable YouTube series called "Dog Tales."