Email Sequence- Camp & Retreat Center

I worked with 501(c)(3) Black Lake Bible Camp to expand their monthly donor base via an email series. BLBC offers summer and day camps, as well as providing a venue for retreats. The culminating call to action was asking contacts to become monthly donors.


In a phone call, the staff at BLBC and I were able to clarify the persona of targeted donors. We identified different donor motivations and ways to trigger giving from segments that hadn't been considered before.

Final Results

My 3 email sequence resulted in an immediate 12% increase in the number of monthly donors.

Client Feedback:

"Megan has been an exceptional support to our marketing team, providing targeted expertise to meet the needs of our business. She took the time to understand the goal of our marketing efforts, then challenged us to think more strategically about our approach. Specifically, Megan helped us think through market segmentation, and with her help, we were able to identify specific audiences to reach with targeted messages. She also brought new life to the voice of our business. She was able to speak to our increasingly important Millennial audience organically and with fresh passion. Practically speaking, she is punctual, flexible, professional, and a fabulous writer. I couldn’t recommend her services more highly. She’s a star and will take your business to the next level!"

-- Melanie Ewart, Head of Marketing for Black Lake Bible Camp