Book Fair Australia (Social Media)

Role & Purpose

As a social media coordinator of Book Fair Australia, I was tasked with writing copy about the event, and different activities that made the event unique from other literary festivals. I also had to adapt this copy for social media.

Using my prior knowledge and desk research, I formed copy that referenced the intended audience through jargon while communicating necessary details about the weekend and activities.

In addition, I considered the attention span of my audience and the smallest character limit we had to work with; Twitter's 280 characters. Links previews of 23 characters are accounted in the count, also used to improve SEO of the website.

This copy is used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Ticket Release Campaign

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Three Day Countdown

Three days until tickets go live! Save the date to secure your tickets asap!

Ticket Launch

Tickets are live, don't miss your chance to attend an unforgettable weekend for all book lovers.

Weekend Ticket Package

Expecting to spend the weekend at Book Fair Australia?

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Pre-program Release Campaign


Join the main stage during the BFA weekend for a range of professional panels. Here’s a selection for what’s to come:

  • Representation and Diversity

  • Aussie Lit

  • KidLit

  • Genre-based

  • Publishing, trad or indie

  • …and more!


Who doesn’t love a good workshop? Book Fair Aus will be hosting workshops throughout the weekend on topics such as:

  • Using that notebook you bought but haven’t touched

  • On the writing craft

  • IngramSpark for publishing authors

  • Illustration

  • Writing a series

  • …and more!


BFA not only celebrates books, but we also love pop culture and invite you to join our Cosplay Parades during the weekend. Whether it’s your first cosplay or your tenth one, cosplayers of all ages can take part:

  • Adult Parade Sat

  • Children Parade Sun

Dungeons and Dragons

Be immersed in worlds of magical creatures and adventures in our D&D campaigns during the weekend. Watch the action of ongoing sessions or take a seat as a party’s about to depart. All exp levels can join. Bring your best voices or choices to the table

Book Raffles

Our beloved authors will be coming together to host book raffles over the weekend. Secure your entries through our VIP weekend ticket, or on the day! There will be multiple winners for multiple prizes each day

Children's Corner

Bringing the whole family for a weekend of book love and entertainment? No worries, we’ve got you covered with:

  • Face Painting

  • Book readings

  • Children’s workshops

  • Performances

  • Dedicated children’s corner