Creative Writing

I love to write speculative and mystery stories - you can read the first chapter of my projects here.

Tell Me How It Ends

Iris Galacia reads tarot cards for a living and her permanently disappointed mother is always watching. In the Galacia Gambling House, her mother’s word is law and after speaking out of line at a rare family meeting, Iris is given an ultimatum: earn a thousand coins or leave the business, and the family.

Struggling to prove her worth, Iris’ world is upended when Marin Boudreau, a charming young person who can scale buildings and break off door knobs, comes for her help to rescue their witchy friend who’s been falsely imprisoned in Excava Kingdom. Iris’ tarot cards do more than entertain gamblers, with the flip of her fingers she can predict the future and uncover a person’s secrets. And Marin is willing to pay a high sum for her talents.

But saving a prisoner from royal hands isn’t easy. Faced with elemental spirits who overturn ships and pirates who threaten anyone who questions their murmuring floorboards, Iris develops trust in Marin—until secrets about who they really are get uncovered by her and her cards. Now Iris must learn to trust in herself and race the clock before the royals decide the fate of the witch, and before Marin’s secrets catch up with her, or fail to return home with the coin—or at all.

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A Crown So Faux

Veaer Shangguan-Rosell is overjoyed when she receives a scholarship to the most prestigious school in her state and can leave behind her apathetic public school education. Though, her dream to dine with passionate contemporaries doesn’t prepare her for a cohort overtaken by a social ranking system labelled after nobility titles and dictated by wealth—a system where she is forced to the bottom.

When her efforts to lash out against the prejudiced system backfire and she swaps ranks with Elise Excava—the princess, and headmaster's daughter—the two are led into living the positives and negatives of each other's title while crossing paths more often than ever.

But as fellow students take their devotion and disdain to the extreme from breaking into dorms to separating the pair by any means, to neck at knifepoint, Veaer and Elise must put aside their opposite upbringings and uncover the truth of the ranking system, including how it began in the first place.

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