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I've created a new website! You can find all my up to date information here: www.quintonli.com

Beta Reading Package

When you finish drafting and complete that first round of edits, it's a great idea to get another set of eyes on your work.


  • Proofread your manuscript to catch missed typos, offer grammar and punctuation suggestions, and improve the flow of your prose.

  • Live-reaction and constructive comments will give you an insight into how readers may react to your piece.

  • A Final Report about your character arcs and plot to assess your structure and development.


  • Novels up to 60k words - $120 USD | Convert

  • Novels from 60k - 90k words - $140 USD | Convert

  • Novels from 90k - 110k words - $160 USD | Convert

  • Novels from 110k onwards - $160 - $200 USD (by quote)

Additional Info:

  • For priority beta reading (1 week, or top of queue) - +$30 USD | Convert

  • Self-identifying people of colour, LGBTQ+ people & disabled people get $5 off any package

  • 10% of profits will go towards The Trevor Project

  • Payment accepted via Paypal in USD

  • If you're after a partial manuscript beta-read, short story, poetry or alternative format, inquire via email and we can work something out!

  • Terms of Service


  1. Inquire via Form & receive a quote

  2. Agreement

  3. Invoice & Payment

  4. Beta Reading

  5. Delivery

Free Beta Reading Sample

Want to taste-test before committing?

I will beta read your first chapter with comments and a mini report for free so you can decide if I'm the reader you want to go with.

Just send me an email below with the subject "Free Sample - {Title}"

"It was such a wonderful experience to work with Quinn, and receive detailed, considerate and positive feedback on my novel, I would really recommend working with them because I know they’re diligent and dedicated all around!"

― Lydia (@sparklywriter97), Author of A Certain Bravery | YA Fantasy 85k

“Quinn's got an impressive eye for detail and will not only put in the effort of getting your book ready for print but will also help you get it to print. You can count on them to get your book to the finish line, kicking and screaming if needed! Jkjk, you're great~"

― Toby Yu, Author of Season's Dragons: Winter | YA Fantasy 85k

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