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Rosy C. (@__rosyc)

(Young Adult Science-Fiction 91k)

“If you’re feeling disconnected from your story, I implore you to reach out to Quinton! Their enthusiasm for your project is infectious and will restore your faith in yourself and your passion for your story. They accomplish this seemingly impossible feat through their beta-reading services, which consist of comments left in your manuscript and a highly detailed Final Developmental Report.

Reaching out to them was fast and easy, and their professionalism was apparent from the very first email. The manuscript comments, a mix of their visceral reactions to your writing and editorial suggestions, are clear and concise. The developmental report includes thorough feedback on plot points and characters that feel like it was taken straight from your brain. Don’t hesitate to employ their services.”

Lydia (@sparklywriter97)

Author of A Certain Bravery (YA fantasy, 85k)

Quinn beta read my novel to a quick turnaround. Prior to reading, we discussed what sort of feedback I’d like and they were spectacular at giving it. Their comments were in-depth and insightful and full of really good suggestions as to how I could make the suggested changes and improvements. As well as that, they reacted to characters, my prose and the plot of the book in a really positive way, pointing out grammar errors and typos when needed!

In the end, they gave me really in-depth feedback on all of my characters- they noticed some things I myself hadn’t realised I’d done with my characters. They really went in-depth on why they liked/didn’t like them (if they were antagonists) commented on their psyche, and how I showed their personalities and traits. 

It was such a wonderful experience to work with Quinn and receive detailed, considerate and positive feedback on my novel, I would really recommend working with them because i know they’re diligent and dedicated all around!

Toby Yu

Author of Season's Dragons: Winter (YA fantasy, 85k)

Quinn's got an impressive eye for detail and will not only put in the effort of getting your book ready for print but will also help you get it to print. You can count on them to get your book to the finish line, kicking and screaming if needed! Jkjk, you're great~

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