Brand, Product and Marketing Projects

Head of Content, Outsite

Outsite is a platform of coliving spaces. 60% of customers are from the U.S, 40% from Europe. They are all either working remotely, or planning to.

Copywriting Projects

1. Membership Onboarding Series

The email sequence designed to educate, excite and engage the user after purchasing Membership.

How do you know it's effective?

The success metric is whether the user signs up to the Member Hub, Outsite's online community platform.

2. Product Features & Value Propositions

Outsite's product features include accommodation, the Hub, and perks - but these don't sell the product directly. The value propositions are used to sell the user on the concept.

How do you know it's effective?

This language dictates messaging across the funnel.

3. Keyword Content & On-Page SEO

On-page optimisation elevates the whole website for search, but keyword-specific pieces allow new users to find us.

For example, we know Outsite users are remote workers, interested in travel. So we created the Digital Nomad Visa piece. In the last year, 85,000 people have viewed this, and they're spending an average of 5 minutes looking at this page alone.

How do you know it's effective?

Traffic back to the website, user behaviour on-page and newsletter sign ups. If it's above average, it's working.

Onboarding Email Example

Product Features & Values

COVID-19 Responses

Language has been constantly adapted online and offline to adjust to the pandemic.