Lipstick&Politics (L&P) is a San Francisco-based digital media company that provides a platform for women to voice their opinions and share their stories through a range of topics from politics, business, and technology to entertainment, relationships, and fashion. Currently, L&P reaches over 30,000 women, ages 25 and up, in the Bay Area.

As the Design & Media Intern (2016-2017), I wrote weekly articles on a variety of topics, including health & fitness, relationships, and politics.

πŸ“ Articles I've Written:

A No-Nonsense Guide To Building A Stronger Relationship With Your Community In A Trump Era

6 Ways to Make Body Acceptance Your New Year's Resolution

Dear Donald Trump (and Supporters): It's Not About Winning Or Losing Anymore

A Gift Guide For The Modern Woman

We Should Be Talking About Politics At The Table Now More Than Ever


I've written LinkedIn blog articles on social media and student-related issues based on the LinkedIn Student Editorial Calendar. Five of my posts have been featured in multiple categories, generating over 100 views, likes, and shares.

πŸ“ Articles I've Written:

Cheating the Post-Grad Job Hunt By Landing Internships

Social Media Etiquette: Work Edition

Pre-Grad Blues: Preparing for the Real World

A Brand's Guide to Evolving into a Media Company

4 Ways to Recharge After Finals Week

Branding Yourself in the Year of the T.I.G.E.R.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a social content platform that discovers and shares articles written by millennials. Articles are spread organically through people sharing with their friends on various platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. I wrote weekly articles on millennial topics and viewpoints.

πŸ“ Articles I've Written:

In Kardashian, We Trust

Bring On the Era of DTR

You Are More Than Your GPA

A Note From Your Fellow Fifth Year Student