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Ness Ulanbek -UGC Creator

UGC Creator Portfolio

-Want your product to reach a broader audience?

-Need a more authentic and relatable connection with your viewers?

-Wish to enhance the overall narrative around your brand?

-Challenged by the lack of meaningful interactions with potential customers?

I am here to help!

User-Generated Content (UGC) refers to any content that is created by users or consumers rather than the brand or organization itself.

A UGC creator is an individual who produces and shares content on social media.What sets us apart is our ability to create content that resonates with the audience, therefore generating a significant following for the brand.

Video Examples

Photo Examples

Nails Content

Promoted Nessa Beauty Salon manicure services which included styling, finding location and model, taking photos & editing.
Created a moodboard with visuals, arranged photoshoot and took pictures.
Came up with different styling options to enhance the overall look of the brand.
Implemented eye-catching details to raise audience's engagement.

Skincare Content

Food Content

Showcased a restaurant's interior to introduce audience to the aesthetics of the place and get a closer look to the vibe.
Created content to review and promote a new dining place in LA. Brought a sense of closeness and warmth to the cafe.
Introduced new items on the menu to attract potential clients and show versatility of the restaurant.
Created appealing photos to match the overall aesthetics of the Instagram page and attract "hungry" clients.


Video Types

Vlogs & Day in the Life

GRWM & Come with Me


Product Testing & Reviews

How to & Tutorials


Dedicated Product Features


Layover text







Beauty Industry

more that 15 projects

Food Industry

3 projects

Healthcare Industry

1 project




Brands I have worked with:

My Process:

1 – Getting in touch

We'll start with a discovery call, where we discuss your project in detail. I’ll ask you about your business, target audience, and goals.

2 – Planning

Once we're aligned on the project scope, I'll start researching, planning and sending the scrips to you for approval.

3 – Content creation

This is where the magic happens! I'll start creating content, with visuals and unique captions for each channel. Editing. I edit together all the material and add text and subtitles if agreed upon.

4 – Final Revision

I send the videos (and photos) to you for final approval.

Price List


9:16 Format

10-20 sec

No ads

1x UGC Video (no face)


3x UGC Videos (no face)


1x Video (with face)

needs to be discussed

3x Video (with face)

needs to be discussed


Color correction included+minor retouching

No ads

1x Photo (no face)


3x Photos (no face)


1x Photo (with face)


3x Photo (with face)



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