A few words about myself...

I was born in Canada, raised in a small neighborhood in Chicago and my roots stem from the hearts of Lebanon and Jordan. Coming from different heritages has expanded my passion and interests in the design and copywriting world. As a multi-disciplinary creative with parts of me intertwined to multiple sides of the world, my previous experience as a Digital Art Designer, creating and designing interactive pieces and experiences for brands has allowed me to branch out and connect the missing pieces through writing content and creatively implement ideas from start to finish.

I am a junior copywriter with a minimum of two years of experience and always looking for new avenues and opportunities to go the extra mile and learn something that would enrich my outlook on life.

Here's my CV in a nutshell...

Creative Content Creator/ English Copywriter- Memac Ogilvy (January 2021- March 2021)

Digital Marketer/ Content Creator & Fundraiser- CCW Beirut, Lebanon. (Cup of Cold Water NGO) (August 2020- January 2021)

Digital Marketing Manager/ English Copywriter- Ochah Mineral Pet Care (January 2017-December 2019)

Digital Marketing Assistant- Digitales Production Company (May 2018-August 2018)

Key Skills

Presentation & Public Speaking

Marketing & Writing Expertise

Teamwork & Communication

Active Listening


Creativity & Problem Solving

My Education

Carleton University, Ottawa ON- 2017-2021

Leadership Conference 2016

UIUX Designer Certification- 2020