The natural copywriter.

I’ve devoted my life to finding the perfect mode of expression.

Whether it’s to explain an idea, the distillation of a feeling, or the interpretation of a thought.

It’s why I’m a Copywriter. And a voiceover artist, and an actor. I respect the intimate and interdependent relationship between text and the spoken word, and the power of both to inspire. 

I thrive on finding the most intimate connection with the audience.

Seeking out opportunities to help clients tell their stories, I genuinely get a kick out of doing the detailed research and the many drafts required to create powerful and effective messaging.

Using the latest content creation principles and measurable search optimisation techniques, I bring simple and action-oriented language to every point of contact with your customers. 


With over 20 years experience as a commercial voiceover artist, and SEO training from the Australian Copy School, I turned to freelance SEO Copywriting in 2017 and have put together a solid portfolio of work. Please take a look through the examples posted here.

* SEO Copywriting (Australian Copy School)

* B.A.(Hons), Monash University

* Content Marketing (Hubspot)

* Interactive Media (Swinburne)