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Project background

Lekker Bikes were looking for a new way to raise awareness of their range of Dutch designed bikes over Summer, 2020-21.

The goal was to encourage younger riders to become more acquainted with the benefits of each model and book in for a test drive using the website.

Creative process

Lekker is very well in known in its native Netherlands but needed a strong push to build the brand in Melbourne.

The sleek, European design and higher price point had to be presented as a smart choice next to the many cheaper options available.

My first submission, 'Invisible Technology', sought to highlight the advanced performance offered by Lekker Bikes that was not immediately apparent from the minimalist design.

‘Rush Hour’, on the other hand, tapped into the re-evaluation of work/life balance that accompanied many months of lockdown in Melbourne. 

I also took a test drive of the latest eBike and wrote a review post.

Final results

Rush Hour was selected by Lekker to send to its head office in The Netherlands.

It was conceived as a guerrilla campaign to draw attention to beautiful, scenic bike routes around Melbourne. We would identify the best natural views and art installations by simply using the #what’s-your-rush? tag alongside a Lekker logo.

This could be achieved with chalk stencils, spray-painted signs, banners, t-shirts and bottled water/refreshment stands in interesting locations along bike routes.

The question: What’s your rush? was intended to create an association between exhilarating outdoor experiences and the Lekker brand.


The second part of the campaign would use the same tag to invite the viewer to actively consider which Lekker bike might be right for them.

A rider appears on two different Lekker bikes either side of an image. It might be an Amsterdam regular 8 speed bike on one side, and an Amsterdam GT Enviolo eBike on the other.  

What’s your Rush?, in this context, now puts the emphasis on choice. It suggests that the rider could have trouble choosing between them.

The call to action would encourage buyers to more closely consider the features available and book in for a test drive.

Invisible Technology.

A tongue-in-cheek visual campaign used pointers to highlight the benefits of the bike in the picture but also attractive qualities in the rider.

Rush Hour.

The words are presented in an unexpected context which imply excitement rather than stress or frustration; a sense of exhilaration that transforms the daily commute into a time of joy.

"Very impressed...You came up with ideas that surprised us. The 'Rush Hour' especially, really got us thinking on how many great things we can do with that message."

― Maria Alejandra Perdomo, Marketing Lead Australia (Lekker Bikes)

Which Lekker Suits Me Best (Blog)

The Amsterdam GT Enviolo CT eBike

Lekker Bikes are based on classic minimalist Dutch design but they boast some of the most exciting new technology going around.

The Amsterdam GT Enviolo CT eBike stood out because, while we all love a bit of exercise every day, the ability to vary the amount of grunt you put in to those hills lets you arrive looking (and smelling) fresh for work whenever you need to.

It’s also powerful and strong enough to take off for long rides on the weekend.

The Satin Black highlights the pretty gorgeous Lekker minimalism, but there’s also a fresh new Concrete Blue edition for those who crave some extra flair and dare.

It’s available for pre-order in a 61cm, 58cm and 52cm frame. Standing at 183cm tall I felt the 58cm frame was perfect.

The Test Drive

Personally, I’d always imagined eBikes to be bulky, weird-looking scooter hybrids.

The Enviolo eBike is remarkably sleek - like the smooth commuter speedster you’d ride to work.

There again, the Enviolo is probably like no other eBike you’ve experienced.

Stepless gear shifting is a marvel and gets rid of that irritating clunk between gears. The power interface (on the left) lets you select the degree of support and provides access to a range of other functions like on-board lights and distance tracker.

The drive motor is located in the centre of the frame so it powers both front and rear wheels as required, and automatically adjusts the torque to the road.

The drive train uses a carbon fibre band rather than a traditional metal link chain so it’s extremely lightweight and maintenance free.

It really feels and handles just like a regular sports bike but with a superhuman reserve of power when you need it. You can increase or decrease the level of assistance, or even just turn it off altogether when you want to get some hills into those glutes! Either way you always feel like you’re in complete control.

The Enviolo’s pedals always feel engaged with your forward motion so you never get that feeling of 'air cycling' or being towed along by the drive motor - a common failing of lesser quality eBikes.

The gear mechanism lets you control take off speed and slowing down just as you would on a conventional bike.

The battery itself is easily removed (against theft or to upgrade to higher capacity) and you simply recharge it in the office with a standard electric socket. Too easy.

The Envolio eBike ticks plenty of boxes for busy city riding and promises a great off-road escape on the weekend.

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