HBO | House of the Dragon: Award-winning Throne Room Experience & 360 Campaign

To promote arguably our biggest premiere of the year, we pushed limitations to craft an innovative campaign that introduced House of the Dragon in a highly immersive way. Using scans from the show, we created an authentic AR experience in which users were able to explore the iconic "Throne Room" searching for dragon eggs that unlocked exclusive video content. This award-winning experience was part of a 360 partner marketing campaign that scaled across digital, social, experiential, on-product merchandising, point-of-sale, and video to successfully acquire, educate, and activate new subscribers and current customers.

Key Campaign Beats:

  • Immersive "Throne Room" Augmented Reality Experience

  • Point-of-Sale: Microsite Takeover & Sweepstakes

  • :30 and :15 Cross-Platform Video Spots

  • Social: "Burning Questions" with the Cast

  • Social: Customized Lenses

  • Digital: Rich Media Banner Ads

  • On Product: Guide Banners, Screensavers & Pause Ads

Award-Winning House of the Dragon | XR "Throne Room" Experience
House of the Dragon | HBO Max Upgrade :30 Video
House of the Dragon | HBO Max Free Preview Event :30
HBO Max x Cricket Sweepstakes E-Blast
HBO Max x Cricket Print Point-of-Sale App Promotion