HBO Max | Peacemaker: Award-winning Interactive Microsite & 360 Campaign

To promote the series premiere of Peacemaker, we built out a script and shot John Cena in character as the Peacemaker himself, and leveraged this content to scale into a full-funnel 360 marketing campaign, developing various tactics to eventize the launch of this new tentpole series and drive new subscriptions, customer activation and build engagement.

Key Campaign Beats:

  • Interactive "Hot Spot" Trailer Experience 

  • :30 & :15 Video Spots for On-air and Social

  • On Product: Xfinity "Hangout" Interview Series

  • Cricket Mobile On-Hold Messaging

  • Point-of-Sale: Email + Toolkit Feature

  • Internal Pilot Screening Introduction Video

Award-Winning Interactive "Hot Spot" Trailer Experience