Trevor Bond, founder of Limitless Investing

Trevor started his investing journey by trading stocks in college. While seeing average returns, he grew his passion for real estate investing by learning two fundamentals that other industries neglected: control over assets and advanced tax incentives.

Trevor graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Financial Accounting from Illinois State University with Cum Laude honors. 

Starting his senior year, Trevor worked for a private equity real estate firm where he held part in the acquisition and management of multifamily assets. Trevor currently works for a commercial real estate brokerage with a heavy focus on multifamily apartment sales, giving an extreme amount of exposure to all assets within the industry.

In Trevor’s free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, adventuring, traveling, and volunteering with others!

Stephen Haulsan, partner at Limitless Investing

Stephen is a partner at Limitless Investing, where he offers leadership in various key areas, including overseeing investor relations, evaluating partnership opportunities, and forming strategic alliances within the real estate industry.

He has a background in commercial real estate, investment services, and tech sales. Stephen brings a specific focus on digital strategies in companies and extensive expertise in leveraging technology to drive business growth and cultivate innovation.

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