Content writer, ready to bring a fresh voice to your project.

I am currently the Director of Communications for the nonprofit organization Gays Against Groomers.

About Me

I've been obsessed with writing since I was a kid. I would fill endless pages of notebooks with fantasy stories and reimagine classic fairy tales like Peter Pan. My English teachers always seemed to take special notice of me. As I got older, I wrote essays for fun to get extra credit. "Never stop writing!" my teachers would scribble in my yearbook.

Nowadays, people know me across social media as Judith Rose. I've built a reputation being an outspoken and opinionated storyteller with a fresh voice and perspective. Something I'm told often is "wow, I never thought of it like that!" I love to ask the hard questions and say the things no one else will.

After going viral online for a major change in my world view, I woke up one day determined to do what my inner child had been begging me to do my whole life: follow my dream to become a writer. I decided to take a page from Nike and Just Do It. It hasn't always been easy, but every experience teaches me something new about the craft.

One of the ways I practice my writing and get my voice out there is running a podcast on my Patreon. In that space of mine, I express thoughts and commentate on events of the world as they unfold. In August 2022, it was featured in the Epoch Times. I almost couldn't believe it.

There is something about my voice that people like. It's engaging, conversational, and easy for a majority audience to understand. I have extensive customer service experience and understand how to market a product. I can bring a crisp, concise message to your project.

In addition to customer service and marketing skills, I'm also experienced with social media apps like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. I have a background in cannabis knowledge after spending time in the industry for two years. In my free time I enjoy flexing my creative writing skills on my Patreon and writing scripts for TikTok videos or Instagram Reels. Find my social accounts on my Linktree here.

Some of my most recent accomplishments include editing a press conference speech for Arizona SA survivor Kayleigh Kozak, who is the namesake of SB1412. And in February, I wrote a school board speech for my partner that now has over 1.4 million views on TikTok and counting. See it here.

My Road to Writing

It started with journaling, writing down stories and events, looking for creative angles on ordinary happenings. Harriet the Spy and Nancy Drew were my heroes. I was thriving in English class and my teachers consistently praised my work. It came easily to me. However, for years I was under the impression that "writers didn't make it" without a whole lot of finances and luck.

I took several communications and creative writing classes in college but felt discouraged by a lack of direction. Years later, after discovering how easy it was to change my life circumstances, I realized plenty of people recognize my skill and are eager to work with me.

I started writing online content for companies, tailoring scripts for informative videos, and writing blogs for other content creators who were in need of extra hands while they managed the rest of their work. I began to write content for members of Gays Against Groomers and others.

I now know I'm capable of so much more.

Judith Rose

Based in Northern Arizona |

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