This could be YOU...

How does the company stand out amid an overabundance of Information superhighway?

Nothing irritates a BaaS/SaaS-Fintech CEO, Founder, or Marketer more than slurring growth. When the MMR reaches a plateau, and rivals are vying for market share, anxiety kicks in.

You're willing to try something like:

* Lowering premiums

* Hike marketing budget

* Fine-tuning placement

* Extending trial times

* Introducing only one more feature

However, everything seems to be messed up.

That's where you’ll need me...

I work with BaaS/SaaS-Fintech and B2B subscription businesses like yours to write copy that draws new customers, strengthens the brand, and generates sales.

Copy for the website

Access to rich content (case studies & white paper)

Landing pages (to generate leads to get people to take action)

Copy for a display advertisement

Blogs on social media

Scripts for chatbots

My road to writing for a living.

My writing experience throws back 2013 developing WordPress as a newbie. I have written several journals in technology and most lost with expired web hosting servers.

I had worked as a freelance graphic artist on Fiverr from 2014 to 2016. Because I love writing. It made me a full-time freelance copywriter.

I have an archive of my writings in Finance & Investment, Tech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency. The best of Agora Copywriting Strategies is here.