It all started with a flash drive in a clunky computer. 

Ever since I was plugging a flash drive into the clunky computers of my middle school library, the art of writing enamored me. I was the student who looked forward to weekly book discussions throughout all of my schooling. To this day, I am still the person who will tell anyone willing to listen about my latest new read. 

Professionally, I often find my passion for the art of writing in unexpected places. As I became the go-to for writing help among my peers, an affinity for editing began. I became a voluntary editor for incoming medical students with their secondary applications. While MCAT studies and scientific research jobs wrapped up their pre-med minds, I stepped in to help with syntax and creative, stand-out ideas for their endless stream of applications. Staying up after a long workday, I began looking forward to proofreading and adding creative suggestions in their sidebars. Not only did I help out my peers in this process, but I helped myself. From initial ideas to final grammatical touches, this fostered my love for the art of writing and editing. 

Additionally, my position as Marketing and Logistical Intern for a non-profit dance company in NYC presented an array of responsibilities. Here, I provided media outreach, company advertisement creation, performance program drafting, and editing. 

These are just a few personal experiences that sparked my interest in a career in ghostwriting, editing, publishing, freelance writing, social media, and advertisement content creation.