💡 What did we do?

Brain Bytes Creative had a 4-5 year long relationship with Hodges-Mace. The collaboration started with a website build for the client which was followed by a longitudinal SEO and content marketing retainer.

I was working as Head of Content Marketing alongside our SEO experts to write web page copy, blog posts, case studies, and occasionally sales materials for the Hodges-Mace team. We also did extensive PPC work for them in Google Ads and Bing Ads. My role also included ad copywriting, LP content creation, and wireframing.

💪 What did we overcome?

Writing for a heavily regulated industry, for a large software platform with many different capabilities and purposes was definitely hard in the beginning.

Working with a huge variety of stakeholders and product managers led to additional complications. We got into extended feedback loops – but we were uncovering interesting angles to cover a historically “boring” topic.

Thanks to this, I've learned valuable lessons in project management and enterprise software.

🚀 What did we achieve?

Eventually, the company achieved its goal of being acquired by another company. You can read more about that here.

The site was previously a “brochure” site that did not generate any leads. In the first three months following the launch, we generated 20 contact form submissions, 14 product demo requests, and 28 resource downloads.

Organic traffic increased by 41% and total website traffic skyrocketed to a 151% increase.

Hodges-Mace’s new website also generated staggering increases in conversions: 230 contact form submissions, 605 resource downloads, and 2,780 other form submissions.

Check out their site here:

👉 https://alight.com/hodges-mace

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