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Beautiful writer websites,
built in no time.

You won’t find a faster way to build a stunning writer website.
Try Copyfolio before everyone else in Early Access.

You won’t find a faster way to build a stunning writer website. Try Copyfolio before everyone else in Early Access.

The website builder you’ve always wanted.
No loading screens, no lengthy tutorials — just a quick and easy building experience. Designed for writers, just like you.

Master case study writing with built-in text ideas and tips.

Enjoy a blazing fast website building experience.

Grab stunning templates designed by top professionals.

Pick a stunning template for your powerful words.
Our designers created responsive templates, specifically for writers. You don’t need to know how to code or make a site visually appealing. It will look good, on any device. Choose a template, customize it or switch to another anytime.
The easiest way you could ever write a case study.
If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! Our built-in tips will show you what clients and employers want to know about your work. Through text ideas we teach you how to build a writing portfolio that converts.
Don’t waste time on loading screens. Focus on building.
Time is precious. Spend it with writing copy and choosing projects – not waiting for your builder to load. Copyfolio has no loading screens and makes website building quick and easy for you.
A tool built with insights from top professionals.
We designed Copyfolio with insights from top agency copywriters and successful freelance writers.
Nicky Lorenzo
Creative Director at Ogilvy
“What makes a good portfolio is having your ideas come through. Just have it organized in a way that makes it easy for creative directors to look at the work.”
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Gari Cruze
Creative Director at HUGE
“Try to make your portfolio visually interesting because the first thing people look at is the visuals. It draws your eye before you read anything.”
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Coding and design is on us.
You just do the writing.
Coding and design is on us. You just do the writing.
Building a website on your own can be intimidating. Especially if you’re not a web designer. How are you supposed to know where to even start? As a writer, you want something quick and easy that will look good. Ideally, without having to drag your designer friend over to help.
What if we told you there’s a website builder designed specifically for writers? A portfolio builder for both freelancers and creatives working in-house. It’s the fastest tool for writers to easily create stunning websites and a writing portfolio. A website builder that reacts quickly and works intuitively. No loading screens, no endless guides.
Our mission at Copyfolio is to make that process fast, fun and struggle-free. We created a personal website builder that makes it easy to boost your career and build your personal brand.
Because all professional writers need a website. Doesn't matter if you are:
a freelance copywriter, writing and selling copy that converts,
a creative director with 10+ years of experience in advertising and a long list awards,
a content writer writing engaging blog posts and articles for clients,
or a junior copywriter, trying to figure out how to build a copywriting portfolio.
To be taken seriously, you need an online presence: a website and a writing portfolio. Make it happen. Get ready to start building your writing portfolio website, sign up today!
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