Smarter features, less work, more impressive results.

With Copyfolio, it’s all streamlined and simplified. You won’t need extra design software, or hours of work to create something magnificent.


Effortless blogging

Add a blog section anywhere on your site. Write, schedule and publish blog posts with a simple visual editor that makes you forget CMS.


Brand your site with custom colors

Use your own colors to keep your site on-brand. Pick a color and build your palette from Copyfolio's smart recommendations.


Copyfolio is simple but powerful. Packed with the best features.

Buy or connect custom domains

Get your own domain on Copyfolio that automatically connects to your site. Or connect yours if you have one already.

Detailed SEO settings

Full control over meta titles, meta descriptions, and URL slugs. Set preview images to any page.

Password protection

Work under NDA? No problem. Set a password or hide your site from search engines so only a select few can see it.

Designer color & font presets

Customize your writer website with the color palettes and font presets created by our lead designer.

One-click mockup frames

Use our built-in device mockups and put screenshots into a phone or a laptop without fancy design software.

Unsplash integration

Browse between thousands of images right on Copyfolio. Use them without ever downloading any.

Responsive sections

Build with sections that automatically adapt to any screen: mobile, tablet or desktop.

Customizable templates

Switch between customizable website templates anytime. Even after you built your site: your content carries over.

Beautiful writing sample management

Write a case study, upload a PDF, or add a link. Then access them through beautiful thumbnail images.

Built-in writing tips

Ran out of ideas? Use our built-in guides to write a powerful page or case study in minutes.

Your idea here…

Wanna see a feature in Copyfolio? Let us know and we'll try our best to deliver.

We talked to writers.

Then we built Copyfolio.

We talked to writers. Then we built Copyfolio.

I could never showcase my work nicely.

Article? PDF? Case study? Add them all to your portfolio and manage them easily.

Icons showing the different ways you can showcase your projects on a portfolio website made with Copyfolio: as a case study page, PDF, or external link.

Hated managing my domain.

Our domains connect automatically to your website —no hassle.

A card showing a custom domain purchased on Copyfolio, automatically connected to the user’s website.

Got lost in all website builders.

Copyfolio was designed to be simple, so you can focus on building.

A section settings button showing what an easy to use website builder Copyfolio is.

I kept asking my designer friend for help.

We created easy-to-use design features like color palettes and mockups so you won’t need any fancy design software.

The selection of one-click mockups you can use on Copyfolio: laptop, phone, TV, magazine, and billboard.

Social media portfolio?
Content writer website? Check.

A freelance writer website created with Copyfolio for a content writer and blogger, who is open to offers.A social media specialist website created with Copyfolio, who is focusing on marketing and content.