Last updated on October 3, 2023

1. About Copyfolio

Copyfolio is a web service product, developed by UXfolio LLC. It can be used to create personalized portfolio websites, hosted on Copyfolio. Besides the website building services, Copyfolio provides helping guides and inspirational content through email to its users.

2. About Our Company

Copyfolio is being developed by UXfolio LLC. In-app invoicing is provided by UXfolio LLC. You may contact us using the information below.

UXfolio LLC
3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 700
Wilmington, DE 19808
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3. Special Thanks

Copyfolio is the culmination of many talented individuals' hard work. Without their help and dedication, Copyfolio could never be the same as of today. We'd like to say special thanks to:
- Kristóf Poduszló, for kickstarting the code that runs Copyfolio.
- Bence Vass, who made impossible features possible.
- Dorka Kardos-Latif, for bringing Copyfolio to our users.
- Benedek Göbölös, for elevating our design to a next level.
- János Fehér, for cleaning up code like nobody could.
- Dávid Mehari, for the hard work and dedication to our code.
- Fanni Szalkai, for inspiring us.
- Dezső Mészáros, for all the love and care went into our code.
- Janka Holicska, for designing features our users love.
- Sándor Zelenka, for finding solutions to our users' problems.
- Dávid Pásztor, for leading Copyfolio & providing an opportunity.
- UXfolio, for their insights and help throughout the years.
- UXstudio, for the continuous support.

4. Credits

Copyfolio uses a lot of assets, made by talented people all around the globe. This enables us to provide a better experience. We'd like to give credit to:
- Icons8 for all the amazing icons,
- Fontshare for the spectacular fonts,
- Unsplash & its creators for the beautiful images.
- Pexels & its creators for the wonderful images.

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