Lund Orthodontics & Milestone Kid Dentistry

Lund Orthodontics &

Milestone Kid Dentistry

💡 What did we do?

Orthodontics is a niche expertise/vertical for me. I’ve worked with 10+ clients in the field so I found this project particularly interesting. It covered a wide range of tasks from wireframing and SEO strategy to content creation in support of the design and development of a new website.

Lund Orthodontics was also a PPC client that I’ve helped with ad copy, LP content, and wireframing for Google Ads. We’re currently considering a paid social engagement for them.

Working with local SEO and a hyper-targeted market was a huge challenge. But our results on the first project led to an opportunity to do another project for the orthodontist’s partner brand in pediatric dentistry. This was Milestone Kid Dentistry.

💪 What did we overcome?

We were working with a very developed and specific brand voice on the West Coast that needed to be reconciled with specific SEO recommendations. To counter this, our team cooperated closely with the interconnected marketing department of both organizations. This way we made sure we were delivering their preferred family-friendly tone and messaging in an effective manner in terms of SEO/keywords.

🚀 What did we achieve?

Both site launches were successful and seamless. As we just recently finished the work on the Milestone Kid Dentistry site, we don’t have any realistic KPIs or metrics yet.

On the other hand, Lund Orthodontics has been a retainer client for almost 6 months, so here’s some data for organic, content-driven traffic in Q4 2020. Sessions year-over-year are up almost 85%, organic clicks are up 75%, and impressions are up almost 300%.

👋 Devin Culclasure. Made in Copyfolio.