Resurgens Orthopaedics

💡 What did we do?

Resurgens Orthopaedics reached out to us with a project that had a significantly larger-than-usual scope. This meant a gradual website redesign with our team providing consulting to another third party web development vendor.

We’ve had a long-time (4-5 years) ongoing relationship in the form of an SEO, CRO, content marketing, and social media retainer with them, as well as some consulting and content support for their third-party PPC vendor.

💪 What did we overcome?

We faced challenges on two fronts.

Firstly, our team had to swiftly balance the needs of a client representing 25 locations in the Atlanta area and about 100 physicians. Their savvy marketing department pushed us to be our best.

Secondly, it was also challenging to report our results due to legacy development issues. Alongside, third-party vendors for patients had to self-schedule appointments which made it increasingly difficult to present our data to the client.

🚀 What did we achieve?

Results have been consistently strong, even with a lot of closures, virtual appointments, and other challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

During our 2020 Q4 reporting review, we learned that organic search traffic alone actually still grew year-over-year. With sessions up almost 35% and impressions up just a bit short of 56%.

This is almost the same rate at which it grew in 2019, as well which proved a long-term steady growth. This was because of the consistent SEO work over the last few years. See details from Q4 reporting here:

Check out their site here:


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