💡 What did we do?'s project required ongoing SEO and content marketing. I was working with our own SEO experts at Brain Bytes Creative to write web page copy, blog posts, and case studies.

💪 What did we overcome?

The most challenging part was to write about a very dense software with an exceptionally broad and far-reaching scope. Everyone has heard of “digital transformation”, for example, but it’s still a hard phrase to define or understand completely. Most people get easily confused by these concepts, and we had to simplify things while also being technically accurate.

Besides this stakeholders are around the globe, with lots of edits coming in from disparate sources, which all need to be reconciled. Again, this is a good example of my expertise in big-money, globally dispersed enterprise software. Also, a PPC client that I’ve helped with ad copy and LP content + wireframing.

🚀 What did we achieve?

The company achieved its goal of being acquired by another company, Quest. Read more about this here.

Here are some Q4 2020 period-over-period results for organic traffic (SEO results compared to Q4 2019 before we worked with them). Conversions up by almost 84% might be probably the most notable:

Check out their site here:


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