Hi! I’m Noel.

I am a social media manager with over two years of experience in organic social media marketing, content creation, copywriting, and outreach. I currently run Canyonlands Natural History Association’s social media.

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Social Strategy

For Canyonlands Natural History Association’s social media, I have created a social strategy focusing on community engagement and brand awareness.

I use a variety of photos I have taken, along with royalty-free images. The photos in the grid are all photos I have taken.

Through a mixture of fun, informational, and mission-centered posts, I can connect with our audience daily and provide a little bit of Southeastern Utah to our followers' newsfeeds!


Fun category is exactly what it sounds like: fun.

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These posts are normally related to our agency partners or information about the area of Southeastern Utah.

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Mission-based posts are anything related to CNHA. This could be merchandise promos, grant information and updates, hiring, and more.

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Merchandise Promotional Design

Here are a few photos of how I decided on promoting merchandise in our online store that looks visually appealing and great on the Instagram grid.

The button below will lead you to a recent post featuring two of CNHA's books and plush pairs.

Informational Carousels

Here is one of my favorite carousels I created for Instagram.

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Instagram Reels

Reels for CNHA's Instagram has been a mix of scenic views and viral trends. The three below are a few of my favorites - click the images to view.

Thanks for checking out my work!

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