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Need copy that speaks to your customers and actually sells? As a former sales pro turned writer - I've got you covered. I'm ready to help you take the stress out of making money!

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Retreat Sales Pages

Planning a retreat is hard enough...

But filling seats can be even harder.

Whether you don't feel confident with your own marketing skills, or you just don't have the time, leave the money making to me.

I can help you:

  • Hone in on your target audience, to really understand what messaging will speak to them.

  • Publish a sales page that attracts your perfect guest and fills your retreat with good vibes only.

  • Fill your seats with plenty of time to spare (and save your mental sanity).

Personalized Email Funnels

Email is the money-making backbone of hosting profitable retreats.

If you've been radio silent to your following lately, it's as good a time as any to change it up.

If you're looking for messaging sequences that will:

  • Re-engage a colder audience to a new or existing offer or retreat.

  • Promote an upcoming retreat, offer, course, etc

  • Guide customers through the booking and pre-departure process

  • Help sales teams close more deals faster

Look no further!

Lead Magnet Assets

What's getting your bookings through the door?

If you're having trouble generating new, responsive leads, invite them into your community with a lead magnet.

Lead magnets can:

  • Build instant credibility with prospective guests by showcasing your expertise.

  • Help you capture valuable contact info to build your mailing list.

  • Help out others in your community by providing free value!

If you need to start hooking more leads in, then this is your stop!

Need help strategizing your retreat marketing?

I love that writing provides the opportunity to merge passion and professional together.

The projects below gave me the opportunity to use my extensive knowledge about holistic wellness and travel to help retreat hosts sell more packages.

Sales was my first love.

I LOVE the rush of sales - so naturally, I love writing about it too.

But while good salesmanship may come naturally to some, it's a worst nightmare for others.

I write long-form articles, blogs, emails and social media posts to simplify the best strategies for developing effective sales teams and processes.

Want to get started ASAP?

Leave me a message below. Looking forward to connecting!