Tessa White

(she, her)


Words for clients and prose for pleasure. Examples below.


Ghost blogger for spunky baking website, The Sweet Nerd.

Personal Essays

Essays on navigating motherhood, travel, and grief. Published in various Medium publications.

Young Storytellers

I'm a Story Director with Written Out Loud, a storytelling program for kids. I direct the young storytellers through writing a collaborative story, editing, and publish as bound books.

I’m Tessa.

My goal is to work with words in any capacity, from reshaping and inventing, to editing and deleting. Online or off, from culture to retail, I bring life experience and a broad skillset.

Storytelling surrounds and envelopes us. We spend our days watching, reading, listening to stories, often when we don't even realize it. We need that connection, reflection, and compassion. From the Hero's Journey, to understanding our basic human needs, narratives are what get us there. This is what I do; I'm a curator of storylines and narratives.

“Tessa leads by example. She is kind, confident, and communicates well. She understands how to see perspectives, while using logic and reasoning to help others follow her ideas and positioning.”

― Cindy Rodriguez, The Sweet Nerd