Freelance Creative Copywriter & UX Writer

I craft persuasive, creative and helpful copy that tells your brand’s story, conveys its message and guides users through your digital products.

Check out the different types of copy and content I've worked on.

"I worked with Jaffor on my website copy. He delivered compelling copy in a tone of voice that suited my brand personality and connected with my target audience. He breaks down complex ideas and translates them into simple messages. I would recommend Jaffor to anyone looking for a talented copywriter."

— Aman Mohammad, Senior Product Designer at Thrive Tribe

"Jaffor was reliable, easy to work with and effectively delivered on the revisions. I'm delighted with the final post and I'd definitely work with him again on future projects."

― Akeel Hussain, Founder of Healthy For You

Copywriting Services

UX Copy

Clear, concise and helpful copy that makes your website and app easier to use and understand so that users can navigate your product and complete their desired tasks. This includes error messages, menu labels, button copy, and more.

Website Copy

Mesmerising web copy that showcases your brand’s personality and what you stand for, differentiating you from the competition and convincing prospects to believe in you instead of bouncing off your web page.

Landing Pages

Persuasive sales copy that nudges a prospect to make a purchase, jump on a call to speak to a sales rep, or request a lead magnet in exchange for their contact details. No more stress and time wasted figuring out why leads aren’t rolling in.

Email Copy

Whether you need a promotional or lead nurturing email or an email newsletter, I've got you covered. I’ll write magnetic emails that offer true value, drive subscribers towards action, and build relationships with people interested in what you sell or talk about.

Product Descriptions

Add new products to your website with unique descriptions that are worth reading, that highlight your product’s personality, and turn leads into customers.

Blog Posts

Build brand awareness, generate traffic to your site, and educate and nurture your leads by providing relevant and valuable content about your products and services.

Andrea Blundell

Editor-in-Chief at Harley Therapy

Natalie Corbett

Managing Director at The Henry Centre

Akeel Hussain

Founder at Healthy For You

Aman Mohammad

Senior Product Designer at Thrive Tribe

"I've been impressed by Jaffor's knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to take initiative. He eagerly follows up on things that need to be actioned."

― Natalie Corbett, Managing Director of The Henry Centre

"Jaffor is efficient and responds well to feedback. He provided compelling content ideas and was able to match our tone and style."

            ― Andrea Blundell, Editor-in-Chief at Harley Therapy