Sprint Business + Google Apps for Work Campaign Launch

Campaign Launch

Project background

One of the largest projects I led during my time at Weber Associates was the Sprint Business Google Apps for Work campaign. This campaign included a diverse list of deliverables, including a sales deck that was customizable per vertical industry, internal-facing sales aids, and a social media campaign featuring a 1-min video.

All aspects of the campaign were produced in-house by my team.

Sales Team Battlecard

This small but mighty one-pager played a critical role in the overall launch. By housing all of the key points across the four major verticals in one spot, and mapping out how each piece of content flows in the customer journey, I was able to clarify the overall campaign message and improve their sales process.

Launch Video

Perhaps the most exciting part of this campaign, the launch video provided my first experience in scriptwriting, storyboarding, and voice-over directing.

Customizable Sales Deck

I developed a dynamic presentation for the Sprint Business sales team to use when pitching Google Apps for Work to their customers. Customizable aspects include 4+ vertical industries, specifics on each Google App, and more. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about this presentation.