Hi! I'm Megan, conversion copywriter.

What's conversion copywriting? It's words that turn passive readers into buying customers.

Every company uses copywriting. Not every company uses it effectively.

An actual conversation:

My mom: "So... explain what you do again."

Me: "I use writing to create connection between companies and their customers."

My mom: "And people pay for that?"

Me: "... yes."

Why pay someone to write copy?

Copywriting is an investment, like any business expense. As companies grow, they need professionals to take on what they can't handle. Web design. Bookkeeping. Logos. And yes- writing.

Technically, you could scribble your own logo on a piece of paper and upload it for free. But unless you're a graphic designer, it would make you look like an amateur. You might end up losing sales when people don't take you seriously.

It's the same with writing. You might be able to write decently, but unless you're a professional copywriter, you don't have the marketing skills that close sales. By hiring someone, you save money in the long run.

A professional landing page, e-mail sequence, or white paper can change how potential customers view your brand, overcome objections, and make the sale.

"Working with [Megan] was a dream. She was highly professional, prompt, and genuinely cared about the success of my business. I am a repeat client, and I look forward to many more projects with her. I highly recommend Megan and her services to anyone looking to connect better to their clients and customers."

― Svetlana Dimovski, PhD, Executive Coach & Founder of Dharma Growth

"Megan has been an exceptional support to our marketing team, providing targeted expertise to meet the needs of our business. She took the time to understand the goal of our marketing efforts, then challenged us to think more strategically about our approach... Practically speaking, she is punctual, flexible, professional, and a fabulous writer. I couldn’t recommend her services more highly. She’s a star and will take your business to the next level!"

― Melanie Ewert, Head of Marketing at Black Lake Bible Camp

A few of my past projects: