Before pursuing marketing, I worked as a licensed clinical social worker. That experience gives me unique insight into what makes people tick.

I've got a knack for persuasion and a way with words. It's a superpower I want to use for good- which is why I love working with people-first companies who want to do right by their customers.

"Finally, a social worker who can write copy for me!"

- You, probably

Okay, maybe that's not what you're saying. But you should be.

A social work background seems almost tailor-made for marketing.

☑ Over the course of my education, I spent 7 years studying people- how they think, what their struggles are, and why they behave the way they do.

☑ In grad school, I hated my statistics and research methods classes. Now I find myself thanking God I've got a clue when I research customer data and plan surveys.

☑ 10 years of multiple daily client interviews. The goal? Gathering information and understanding motivations.

☑ My persuasion skills were polished selling the unsellable- rehab or anger management, anyone?

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